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Leitung:    Frau Allgaier, Frau Thiel
Wann:Montag, 8. - 9. Stunde
Wo:Raum A 004
Wer:5. - 8. Klasse



Theater-AG der Oberstufe: English Theatre Club

Leitung:    Katharina Coussot
Wann:Mittwoch, 10. - 11. Stunde
Wo:Raum A 009
Wer:10. - 12. Klasse

The English Theatre Club was founded in 2010. Back then, the club consisted of 17 pupils, who embarked on the preparations for a modern language adaptation of Shakespeare’s well-known comedy Much Ado About Nothing.

A year later, the members of the ETC sat together to choose a play for 2012 and we agreed on a 19th century classic by Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White.

In June 2013, we put on Confusions, a contemporary piece by “Britain's most popular living playwright” Alan Ayckbourn.

At the beginning of the next school year, we started to work on our 2014 production: Arthur Miller’s famous play The Crucible.

Having performed a tragedy in 2014, we decided on a comedy again for 2015 and chose John Bartlett’s hilarious play The Village Hall.

In the following year (2016), we staged Equus, a very challenging play by one of the foremost playwrights of our time, Peter Shaffer.

In September 2017 a new season of English theatre began. At present we are working on a comedy. Anyone who is interested in seeing our 2018 production, please check this website on a regular basis, as performance details will be released in due course.


Click here for newspaper coverage of our 2016 production Equus.